YALA Founders Thomas & Deanna 

3 young boysOperating since 2002, Young Ambassadors Leadership Academy, YALA, is committed to providing a spectrum of services to young boys and teens, 6-16 years of age, ranging from character building, leadership skills, and manhood development.

By faith, husband and wife, started this program in their home with their first born son, and have continued the tradition with their additional sons. It was a program to affirm the significance and greatness of young males and to help them understand that their greatness, partnered with responsibility, fosters leadership and excellence. Friends inquired about the morals and values that they were instilling in their sons and were invited to become a part of this growing tradition, thus birthed Young Ambassadors.

Leadership Poster

Now known as Young Ambassadors Leadership Academy, it is growing to become a program known for its support and development of young males, and having a real impact with the community. The program is supported by a community of “Bridge Builders”, who have committed to pouring knowledge and wisdom into the lives of the Young Ambassadors.

YALA has embraced a quote by Jackie Robinson, “Life is not important except the impact you have on others’ lives.” Today, YALA has touched the lives of many young boys and teens and has made a positive impact. The program is a legacy of courage, determination, leadership, and excellence.