To enhance the lives of boys 6-16 years old by teaching them principles to be responsible leaders of tomorrow and addressing critical issues such as manhood, morals, character, ethics, choices, decision making, education, careers, finances, leadership, conflict and peer pressure, courage, determination, leadership, and excellence.


Boys and RoboticsWhen we raise our sons as gentlemen, we are giving them a powerful rulebook to guide them through life. Being a gentleman teaches a boy three important lessons in life:

  • How to honor their masculinity and manliness
  • How to treat other people with respect and courtesy
  • How to build a character to be proud of

It may seem an old fashioned concept, yet raising our sons to be gentlemen is as important a part of being a parent as teaching them right from wrong. It means teaching our sons to be courageous and considerate; to protect, not abuse; and to choose solid values to live by, rather than the poor values promoted in the media.