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Young Ambassadors – 1st thru 6th grade.Folding a tie

YALA’s aim is to help your son reach his potential by:

  • Building his character (instilling the 10 Character Pillars)
  • Helping him to understand his responsibility as a young man
  • Fostering personal and academic growth and tolerance


Boys in ClassYoung Ambassadors Leadership Academy is inspiring this generation to choose fields in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. YALA focuses on opening the Ambassadors to new ideas and to shift their mindset from being consumers to producers of STEM. With STEM, YALA is providing skills that are needed to lead the young men to success in school and in their future careers. STEM proves to be a valuable asset that is a fun and engaging experience and allows the Ambassadors to utilize a hands on curriculum, which will allow them to experience designing projects, such as solar cars, robots, video and gaming.For 8 weeks, each Ambassador will work in teams, using their knowledge to critically think and solve problems and create products while learning STEM principles. They will culminate with a presentation and competition that parents will attend.