UCLA College Tour

YALA received a personal invitation to tour UCLA by Dr. Tyrone Howard of the Black Male Institute.  He, along with 3 current college students, provided a small and personalized group tour where the Ambassadors were able to have firsthand exposure to the UCLA campus setting, the college’s curriculum and overall advantages as explained by the 3 college representative.

There were great benefits for the Ambassadors.  By learning the A-G admission requirements of UCLA, they will be able to set academic and personal goals early in elementary, middle and high school, which in turn increases their chances of being accepted by their college of choice.

The students were able to provide answers to the Ambassadors questions, such as:

  • What are the average class size, and the students to faculty ratio?
    • How are the dorms kept up?
    • Is the library adequate?
    • Are most classes taught by professors or by teaching assistants?
    • What is the campus meal plan like? How is the food?
    • What is the make-up of the current freshman class? Is the campus fairly diverse?
    • Are the student newspapers independently produced?
    • What’s the social scene like?
    • What kinds of activities are planned by the college’s student affairs office?
    • Is there ample space in dorms or does there seem to be a housing crunch?
    • How many students live off campus?

Spending time on UCLA allows the Ambassadors to visual themselves in this setting and determine if this school would be a good match for them.


The Ambassadors were able to enjoy the day, which ended with a UCLA Men’s basketball game.  GO BRUINS!